This is the Companies Terms & Policies


Kore does not give refunds or studio credits for missed classes or no-shows.

Kore does not allow expired classes to be rolled over to another week or month.

Please know your upcoming schedule BEFORE purchasing package(s) i.e. vacations, holidays, etc.

Regarding policy above, when clients take time off, schedules may be changed according to teachers availability.


24 hour cancellation required or drop-in fees will apply.

Classes are subject to change if attendance is low; do not rollover into following month and are not transferable between clients.

If you set up for a class or appointments, and do not cancel within 24 hours, that class or appointment will be deducted from your account.

Classes and appointments are subject to cancellation.

Classes and appointment schedule is the subject to change; weekly and/or monthly, at the teacher’s discretion.

Prices are subject to change.

Studio credit only, no refunds.

Clothing accessories cannot be refunded, only exchanges of clothing and accessories.


Please arrive 5-10 min early to check-in.

Some classes are not suitable for late arrival and may result in loss of class reservation/spot.


Accounts will not be put on hold for any reason except for a medical emergency, with a doctor's note.

When clients leave/ take time off, due to an injury, a doctor's note is required before returning to Kore and resuming regimen.

Classes are designed and instructed for students that are in general good health and is the students responsibility to know their limits and risk involved with physical movements.